• claudia graf

Experiential marketing | MINI at 'Urban Matters Shanghai'

Brand: MINI

Agency: KKLD*

Role: Account Director


Being able to experience a brand, understanding its various facets and characteristics should be the goal of every brand event. In order to impressively and successfully translate the new brand identity at trade fairs and events, MINI needed a new exhibition concept which integrated and focused on their beyond-car-initiative in the fields of living, fashion and design.


Create an experiential exhibition concept to be implemented worldwide and that address the core target group of MINI, the 'Creative Class'.

Exhibition Floorplan


Defining the overall strategy for each brand and concept part including tonality, products and assets for each brand world and leading the team of interdisciplinary experts to create an experiential concept combining installations, visualization, videos and interactive stunts.

The result was an overall concept that was put into the different markets of the brand to ensure a consistent and successful brand experience in each country. The first implementation took place in Shanghai in November 2017 and was accompanied by a global social media campaign.

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