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Launch campaign | 'Kyrö - Brutally Finish'

Brand: Kyrö Agency: Lure Role: Account Director

THE PROJECT: In 2020, Kyrö, a Finnish distillery launched their brand and products for the first time in Germany. To support the start of their business, they needed an international brand and product campaign around the start of the sales online and in bars and restaurants. The campaign featured four products: gin, dark gin, whiskey and cream liqueur.


Create a campaign to announce the launch of the Kyrö brand and products in Germany. The goal was to create and transport the core of the Finnish brand to the new market. The focus was to get the attention of people in Berlin with wild postering around hipster neighborhood and bars as well as reaching a bigger audience to built the German community.


As the account director I was responsible for the coordination of the whole process from concept development until the production start. I was part of the team which collectively developed the campaign concept, contributed to the channel and media strategy, presented concept to the client and lead the diverse team of creatives, strategists and external partners.

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