• claudia graf

(Digital) content marketing | A year in one image

Brand: BILD

Agency: vccp

Role: Head of Brand and Campaign Management


After relaunching the brand and introducing the new claim 'Das bringt nur BILD' in 2015, the year needed a special final.


Create a splendid end-of-year-review showing the relevant topics for Germany and BILD on- and offline focussing the new brand claim.

MY ROLE: Leading a team of marketing experts, agency experts and editorial staff to develop an end-of-year-review like no other before: On a double page in the newspaper, we combined the 60 most important topics of the year in a so called 'Wimmelbild'. In addition, the 'Wimmelbild' went digital on BILD.de and became an interactive content piece. Users could take a closer look at the picture with a magnifying glass. Every story that was depicted in the picture was explained in a text that opened by moving the cursor over the relevant area.

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